I've been wanting to do one of these some time now. Basically I'm a teenager. And if you ask anyone they will tell you that teens have a lot going on in their mind. So I'm here to vent it out. Don't worry-you won't have to hear about what people are wearing and stuff like that. You get to hear the random questions that flow through my mind every day. This should be fun....I hope.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Beginning!

Hello! Welcome! I'm Madi! Hi.

You can read about my motives to do this blog at the top of page.
You can also get to know all about if you read a little farther down my page.

So this blog is me talking. Mainly to myself but, if you read it....I guess I'm talking to you.

So here I go.

I'm a Drama Queen in my school. I love writing and acting and singing. I always have.

Right now I'm at home with my Rottwieler puppy. His name is Gus! I love him sooo much! I'm waiting for my mom to bring me something to eat.

This is what I hate: Waiting for food. Because even though there are other things to eat in my house I only crave for the item I want. Which I guess is pretty American of me. Is that how we all are?

I mean if you have a car, a perfectly good one, and you saw a ad on T.V. and you thought, "Oh...I need a new car." No...you don't need the new car. You WANT the new car. I guess this is something we people rarely comprehend. I really don't either. (Especially when comes to me "Needing" chocolate.

See? I told you I'm random!

So today after Soccer practice I took of my shin guards to reveal sweat! I don't understand it! I didn't even know I could sweat on my shin. (Proof that I'm daydreaming in Science class)

So this is all for my first Random Blog! See ya!